Florida’s Divorce Rate Ranks High Nationally

Online news magazine The Daily Beast recently bestowed the title of divorce capital of the nation on Panama City, Florida. The magazine was interested in uncovering where divorce had been most prominent in2009. They ranked cities by percentage of population that was currently divorced as well as how many divorces occurred in that particular city in 2009.

The magazine reports that 15.5 percent of the population in Panama City is divorced, the highest percentage of all cities examined. According to court records, 1066 residents filed for divorce in 2009. 898 divorces have been filed as of October this year. Panama City was not alone in putting Florida on the map for divorce rates. Four other cities in our state can be found within the top 10, and a total of 11 Florida cities reside in the top 50 cities with the highest divorce rates.

The Daily Beast interviewed Marriage Counselor, Dr. Joel Prather to find out why our state ranks so high. Dr. Prather suggested that people come to Florida to change their lives. They think that being in a warm, tropical climate will help them overcome whatever professional or personal issues they were experiencing in their last location. Once they arrive, these people realize it’s going to take more than palm trees and sun tanning to work out personal issues with a spouse. Dr. Prather also suggested Panama City’s party atmosphere contributes to its number one ranking. It can be hard for some couples to keep focused on their relationship in a hotbed of temptation. Dr. Prather makes note that the status of the economy may be a factor. Along with infidelity, arguments over finances are one of the biggest contributing factors to divorce. Florida’s lenient divorce laws may also play a role in the number of cities ranking in the top 50, as Florida is relatively one of the easiest states for couples to get divorced in. Contact a south Florida injury attorney in to learn more about these laws.