No Job and Debt

A husband without a job is in great danger of getting divorced, even if the lack of employment outside of the home is his choice. He is at greater risk of divorce than women who do not work outside the home, and women who do. In fact, he is at greater risk of divorce than either men or women who are unhappy with their marital relationship.

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Sociology, societal attitudes about men being breadwinners are still very strong. Even as attitudes about women and work have evolved considerably, the idea that a man would not have a job outside the home is still, deep down, unacceptable to many in American society.

Northern New Jersey divorce lawyers noted that the study found that women were more likely to initiate a divorce if they were working than if they were not. One might assume that this meant if the wife did not have her own income, she was warier of divorcing.

The study found, though, that whether a woman was working or not had no bearing on whether a husband was more or less likely to initiate a divorce.

The unemployed husband has all the likelihoods against him: he is more likely to initiate a divorce, and his wife is more likely to initiate a divorce, than either would be if the husband was working. The study found this to be true even if the husband and wife were not otherwise terribly dissatisfied with their relationship.

The study examined data on 3,600 couples who were surveyed by the National Survey of Families and Households. Contact a Monroe debt relief service today to receive financial help.