Summer programs continued

Participants in our summer program work on matters similar to those assigned to our associates. Summer associates travel to client locations and assist our attorneys in addressing client needs. Those working on corporate-oriented projects can expect exposure to drafting and negotiation sessions, while summer associates involved with litigation will gain familiarity with depositions and court proceedings.

Exposure to pro bono work is another important component of the summer program. Each summer associate is given an opportunity to undertake a pro bono case capable of being completed before she or he returns to school. Usually, more than 90 percent of our summer associates work on pro bono projects such as learning how to become an NYC rear-end accident attorney.

In past years, we have made offers of permanent employment to a very high percentage of our summer associates, and most returned to the firm upon graduation. Summer associates who accept our offers are given the opportunity to work as part-time research assistants during the school year. This gives students an additional opportunity to familiarize themselves with the firm and workers comp.